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Hope, healing, connection, mental health


Mental Health Counselling in Denver, Colorado

We offer expert, compassionate counseling services tailored to individuals, couples, and families of diverse backgrounds. Experience a safe, judgment-free space where our integrative and holistic approach offer you liberation, hope, healing, and connection. 


Inspired by the imagery of roses blooming from concrete, we believe in uncovering beauty and strength in life's trials. At Rose from Concrete Counseling & Wellness, you'll feel heard, understood, and genuinely supported. Believing in the strength of the human spirit to overcome adversity, we strive to help you bloom into your fullest potential, no matter how tough the terrain. 


Our online clinical counseling services are available to all residents of Colorado, ensuring accessibility for those seeking support statewide.  

Our Counseling Services

Our team is deeply committed to helping individuals, couples and families heal and flourish. Explore our counseling services below, and reach out today to get connected. Our devoted therapists are here to offer the support you need.

Jeannine U.

"Jamee was our couples counselor for me and my husband. Jamee was always professional while also very in tune to what both of us were experiencing. Finding Jamee was a gift. She helped us walk through very difficult times and navigate our expereinces and emotions. Not too many therapists can connect with compassion yet remain truly neutral and professional. I know that's the goal, but it's difficult. Jamee can do this. She is wise though never didactic. More than anything, I appreciate that she saw me. She heard me. I knew I mattered to her. That means everything. 
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