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Our therapeutic frameworks are specific methodologies and techniques within our approach to therapy. These frameworks provide structured interventions tailored to your needs, ensuring effective and personalized care. Each framework is carefully selected to empower you on your path to mental health and personal growth.


Embrace mindfulness and values-driven action with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This approach helps you develop psychological flexibility by accepting difficult thoughts and feelings, and committing to actions aligned with your values.


Heal relational wounds and enhance emotional security with Attachment-Based Therapy. This approach focuses on understanding early attachment patterns and their impact on current relationships.


Transform negative patterns into positive change with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This evidence-based approach empowers you to identify and modify unhelpful thoughts and behaviors that impact your emotions.


Embrace emotional balance and interpersonal effectiveness through Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Combining cognitive-behavioral techniques with mindfulness, DBT equips you with tools to manage intense emotions, improve relationships, and cultivate a life worth living.

EFT for Couples

Strengthen your relationship and deepen emotional connection through Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. This evidence-based approach focuses on understanding and transforming relationship dynamics. Together, we'll improve communication, resolve conflicts, and foster a secure bond between you and your partner.


Process and heal from past trauma with Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. Through bilateral stimulation, EMDR helps you reprocess distressing memories and alleviate associated symptoms. Experience relief and a renewed sense of empowerment as we work together towards healing.


Explore life's big questions and discover meaning through Existential Therapy. This approach invites you to examine your unique experiences and challenges, empowering you to live authentically and make choices aligned with your values and beliefs.

Gottman Method

Build a strong foundation for lasting love with the Gottman Method for couples. Based on decades of research, this approach emphasizes friendship, conflict management, and shared meaning. Enhance your relationship through practical skills and deepened understanding of each other.


Explore the complexity of your inner world through Internal Family Systems. This approach views the mind as composed of different parts, each with its own perspectives and roles. Together, we'll facilitate healing by fostering harmony and understanding among these internal parts.


Achieve meaningful, sustainable change with Motivational Interviewing. This collaborative approach supports you in exploring and resolving ambivalence towards change. Through empathetic dialogue and goal-oriented strategies, we'll strengthen your motivation and empower you to achieve your goals.


Cultivate inner peace and resilience through mindfulness. This practice encourages present-moment awareness and acceptance of thoughts and feelings without judgment.

Play Therapy

Experience healing through play with Play Therapy. Designed especially for children, this approach utilizes play as a natural medium for expressing feelings, resolving conflicts, and processing traumatic experiences. Through safe and guided play sessions, children can explore their emotions, build coping skills, and develop healthier ways of relating to themselves and others. Play Therapy is not just for children; it can also be adapted for adolescents and adults who may benefit from using creative expression and symbolic play to explore and process their emotions.


Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Integrates practical strategies with compassionate support to help individuals overcome trauma. Through structured sessions, we'll address trauma-related thoughts and behaviors, promoting resilience and restoring a sense of normalcy

Trauma Therapy

A collaborative space where healing from past traumatic experiences can unfold. Our approach helps you process trauma, alleviate symptoms, and empower personal growth. Together, we'll navigate your unique journey, fostering resilience and restoring a sense of safety.


Engage your body in the healing process with Somatic Therapy. This holistic approach integrates bodily sensations and movements to address trauma, stress, and emotional regulation. Experience profound healing as we reconnect your mind and body.

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